“To be a Christian without prayer is no more possible than to be alive without breathing.” -Martin Luther

Chad Seabright

Brooke Seabright

Team Seabright defines their unique call as “ambassadors” of Jesus sent to the Church of America. Through a beautiful union of God’s Word and prayer, this powerful team of servants release His Presence wherever they travel resulting in radical transformation around them. Whether they’re preaching, counseling, praying or serving, the main objective is evident – surrendered hearts that love Jesus and others. They travel across America bringing revival to the church through preaching, lay counseling, praying, serving, and demonstrating God’s Power which ultimately results in freedom for many.

Chad Seabright merely calls himself “a son.”  He loves to spend intimate time with His Father, tell others about Jesus, and simply respond to the Spirit. Chad undoubtedly believes “the Word of God is alive” and loves to passionately communicate this Truth to others. He desires to love others and help them discover true identity found only in Jesus. Chad travels full time with his wife, Brooke and 4 year old daughter Ally. They currently reside in a mobile vehicle and consider their current address much more global than most – America. They’re called to bring the presence of God with them wherever they go.

Brooke Seabright is passionate about seeing others experience freedom in Jesus. She loves to disciple women and help them find deeper intimacy with Jesus. Brooke is passionate about marriage and the family. You often will find her encouraging others in their marriage and challenging them to greater depths of love for one another. She is passionate about prayer and leads a nation wide prayer intercessor group, Enkindle Watchmen. Brooke loves to connect with many people across the United States and you’ll quickly notice that she does not know a stranger.

Allyson Seabright loves Jesus, mom, dad and “Foxy.”  She takes them each wherever she goes and holds each close to her heart. Allyson radiates exuberant joy continually and makes all feel welcome. She loves to play, dance and connect with kids. Ally loves unconditionally and desires for everyone to be her friend, which brings countless smiles to all, from children to the elderly.

“Let us return to the basic things of the Word of God and prayer and soul winning and revival. Let us pray, O God, send a revival.
Let it begin in me.”

– Lee Roberson