Noe is a dynamic evangelist who’s passionate about unity in the Church. As a bilingual preacher, he travels full time ministering in both a traditional manner inside the church, and also serving the community through prayer and practical support. After 14 years of ministry, Noe considers his main expertise to be Community Outreach, holding tent revivals, praying with local pastors, and encouraging the “laborers” of the city to gather the harvest. With his ability to fluently speak Spanish and English, Noe utilizes his unique gift to bridge the Hispanic and Anglo communities bringing unity, healing, and restoration to cities.

When he’s not traveling, Noe enjoys hanging out with his wife and four children, especially at the lake. Noe would love to visit your church and get linked with your community. For more information, or just to connect, you can email him at

“Let us return to the basic things of the Word of God and prayer and soul winning and revival. Let us pray, O God, send a revival.
Let it begin in me.”

– Lee Roberson