Linked serves individuals across our nation by partnering together to serve local communities. Through the release of intentional prayer, worship and God’s Word, Linked aims to offer hope and encouragement while assisting with practical needs. Enkindle intentionally links with various leaders in Education, Business, Church, Government, Media, and Community Organizations to release God’s Presence to bring revival in cities across our nation.

Hear from Enkindle President, Christy Austin, about the heart of Linked

15 minutes with the president of enkindle ministries - Christy Austin

Posted by Chad Seabright on Friday, November 10, 2017
Church & Ministries
Local Pregnancy Center, Churches, Camps, Conferences, Evangelists, Pastoral Support, Internships, Missionaries, Prayer Groups, Marriage & Family

Public & Private Schools
Homeschool Organizations
Colleges & Universities


City, State, and Nation


Corporate Partnerships
Leadership Organizations
Medical facilities

Media & Entertainment

Social Media
Music & The Arts

It’s no secret the overall Church of America continues to greatly decline in attendance, thus reaching fewer for Christ. After many years of mourning the Church’s deteriorated state and countless hours in prayer, Enkindle felt compelled to develop a “City Taker” strategy to reach the lost, heal the hurting, and return hope to communities.

Enkindle Ministries is composed of teachers, military personnel, preachers, therapists, businessmen, nurses and many more with one common goal: Revival in our nation. As market place revivalists, Enkindle believes, from Isaiah 60, “It’s time for the Church to rise and shine!” While the evil and spiritual darkness in our world has sharply increased, Enkindle believes the Church of America is uniquely positioned to shine His Light in the darkness like no other time in history. Why? Because light naturally shines brightest in the dark.


In previous generations, the world has come to the church building for hope and healing. Since this seems no longer effective, it’s time for the Church to go to the world with hope and healing. Enkindle is passionate about equipping the Church to position themselves in rest and release His “dunamis” Power to a lost and dying world everywhere they go, much like Jesus demonstrated throughout the Gospels. Individuals are greatly encouraged to remain in “their mission field” and shine the Light of Christ. From the gym to the supermarket, God’s Love is released and authentic conversions are born.

Through strategic partnerships in the community, Enkindle believes prayer will usher in the next great awakening, bringing forth the greatest harvest of our generation.

Will you be a part? Will you get LINKED with us?

“Any true revival can be proven by the fact that it changed the moral climate of an area or nation.”

-Leonard Ravenhill