Around Enkindle, raising up the next generation is non-negotiable – we must. In order to accomplish this plan, we strategically create an atmosphere of love, consistency, unity, and hope in the lives of youth. Within this atmosphere, they discover their identity, purpose, and a sense of belonging all in the context of community. 
We walk alongside the youth to help them discover what they are truly passionate about. Then we help them put that passion into action for the purpose of serving others. We believe that if youth operate in something that they believe in and are passionate about then Jesus will Ignite a desire within them to serve others in love.
Our hope and the end goal is that the youth of this generation would be Ignited by His love and power to serve and love others, wherever they are. We invite you to link with this vision as we raise up the next generation together. For more information, please contact Leland Hall at leland@enkindleministries.com.
“Mess can be the way God incubates miracles in the lives of the next generation.”