Oh, the fun we’ve had together these last few weeks. Where do I begin? His Goodness overflows.

The last week, the Enkindle team attended the 2nd Annual Prayer Conference in Amarillo TX. From the moment we arrived, we were greeted with true Texas hospitality and much love. From Wednesday night to Saturday morning, we laughed, cried out, praised, jumped for joy, and heard many powerful teachings. We saw a man with chronic back pain healed; much anxiety and depression broke; wounds of childhood abuse healed; and burn wounds medicated with the Holy Spirit, instantly changing the severity of treatment for a one year old sweet girl.
Friday morning, a powerful time of prayer was held with many local ministry leaders and pastors. We joined together, praying for the community of Amarillo and the churches in the city. By Saturday at noon, countless flames were fanned and blazing bright. Challenged to RISE and SHINE, the Church of America is waking up and stepping into her Power and Authority.

Looking back, I clearly see a revival hub was birthed last week in Amarillo TX. Our Prayer Pillar Director Belinda Gatlin oversees this Enkindle community and I’m positive the wells of revival have only just begun! If you’re in the area, stop in for a visit. There is a spiritual ROAR occurring under the stars of Texas that will not be quenched. No doubt, these warriors are rising up to facilitate revival in the Church of America and won’t stop short of revival in their most generous, friendly community.
Let’s keep them in our prayers as they Enkindle America.