Campaign Revival 2016 | Enkindle Ministries

Many of you may have seen Franklin Graham is hitting the road starting in January 2016. His plan is to visit every state. His campaign is called Decision America. We at Enkindle ministries feel compelled to link with Franklin Graham and this campaign to help spread the gospel across our nation. After all, this is our hearts cry.  Enkindle Ministries mission is to fuel the fire across our nation. We are asking you to join us.

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Year of New Things | Enkindle Ministries

I want to share a gift with you this week from a man who has gained the respect of many. A missionary for many years, Don is a one of those “oaks of righteousness” still abandoned to the Kingdom call in his 80’s. He is a dear saint I’ve learned much from over the years, including how to pray. I hope you’re as blessed as I’ve been to peak into the window of his soul viewing his deep wisdom and passion for the Lord.

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Ride the Slide | Enkindle Ministries

Brooke, Ally and I went to the park together this last week in Rock Hill, South Carolina.  There was a beautiful playground at the park and all these kids were laughing, playing and enjoying life.  As I was watching Ally, the Father began to whisper in my heart and say to me “Son, this is how I created this world to be.  A place to laugh, to play and to enjoy life.”    

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Attitude is Fruit | Enkindle Ministries

Have you ever had a bad attitude? Now come on, be honest….I simply ask because John the Baptist is down at the river and he is telling the crowds that came out to be baptized by him that they are a ”Brood of Vipers!” He is saying they have become as mean as snakes. He goes on to share with them that they need to produce fruit in keeping with repentance and not to simply say to themselves that they have Abraham as their father.  Now why is this a big deal?  How do you get fruit?

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Holy Spirit – Friend or Foe? | Enkindle Ministries

Recently, I’ve reflected a great deal on the unspoken fear many believers hold regarding the Holy Spirit. The detrimental result keeps this powerful force at arms length. Many regard the Comforter and Counselor, given as a gift from Jesus, as a foe rather than friend. Perhaps, the deficit lies in a lack of understanding? Fear of the unknown? Or maybe we’ve encountered past “spirits” labeled Holy that indeed are not? These are all questions I’ve asked myself over the past years as I’ve worked with the Church of America representing a myriad of denominations.    

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