Why Gun Control is NOT the ANSWER! | Enkindle Ministries

Reflecting upon these last years, it is sad to think about the evil and destruction in our world.  From the shootings at a movie theater in Colorado to the college campus shootings at Virginia Tech, we have felt the effects of sin in the midst of our nation.  Within these last months, we witnessed a horrific tragedy as one young man took the lives of 26 people, 20 of them being innocent children.  It is in the midst of these unspeakable horrors that we begin to feel the effects of where we are as a nation.

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random written writing | Enkindle Ministries

I weave in and out of seasons with reading.  Sometimes I find myself so emerged in a good story, my reality is greatly shaped by it. Other times, not so much.  Recently, I’ve been comforted by some random words from one of my favorite authors.  Of course, he is a top selling, “millions of copies sold” kind of guy. I am drawn to his vulnerability. He “puts it all out there” if you know what I mean.  He shares his personal battle with writing.   He hates writing. He loves what’s written.  

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